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I founded this charity in March 2019, with the support and energy of our dedicated Trustees.

Our aim is to promote and deliver relevant, frank and empowering educational workshops to secondary school aged students in North Nottinghamshire, on issues such as sexual consent, healthy relationships, mental resilience, family planning (with a population/planet awareness) and safety online. These educational areas cannot be taught in disparate pieces, as all are inextricably linked and an adverse event in one area, in particular an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy can then disrupt all the other areas of that young person’s life.

We teach choice and the magic and meaning behind the ‘planned, wanted child.’

Our vision:

A young person in control of their lives.

Our mission statement:

To empower and educate young people to protect their own sexual and mental health before entering into a serious relationship or having a baby.

We also work to free up and focus funding from already established local organisations, with the main aim of getting the right support, at the right time, to the child.

This charity was created to spark interest in children’s onward learning journeys and encourage them to form their own opinions in their own time. In an age of ‘scrolling’ and ‘following,’ this concept has never been more important.


You Before Two is here to encourage all young men and women to respect and protect themselves (the ‘you’), before considering entering into a serious relationship or having a baby (the ‘two’).

We ask young people to go one step further with this train of thought, in keeping with our greatly valued partnership with Population Matters, to consider our places on the planet, not just in our homes. With one million children being born every 4-5 days, half of which are thought to be unwanted or unplanned, alongside record levels of environmental damage, loss of species, natural disasters, pandemics and famine due to depleting natural resources and civil conflict, we really challenge pupils to think outside the box. We talk about the importance and empowerment of the concept of the ‘planned, wanted child,’ and what this truly means.

We encourage boys to take reproductive responsibility from the moment they start having sex. They may only be able to wear a condom, but the potential burden of an unplanned pregnancy should be shared equally, to prevent pressure being piled on young women. This in effect does and will continue to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies. And with child pregnancy rates being as high as 30 per 1000 under 18s in parts of this region and 50% of these resulting in abortions, this concept of the immense importance of planning pregnancies properly continues to be enormously important, if we are to move on from the relative plateau we find ourselves in over the past few years. It is time for another push.

The outcomes for a teenage mother and her child, are often significantly worse than those born to older mothers, due to a mixture of physical, emotional and environmental factors. We need to offer young women the best fighting chance to succeed in life and this is often largely due to them having full control of their own family planning. We need to reassure young people that waiting a bit longer to better their own education and livelihoods is likely to directly uplift and enhance their lives and that of their unborn children (should they choose to have any).

Empowering you to understand…


Choice is everywhere! Choice in who we like, love and listen to.


We aim to teach young people what this word really means.


The greatness of a confident young teenager!

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We are a charity created to deliver education to secondary school aged children on issues such as sexual consent, healthy relationships, mental resilience, family planning (with a population/planet awareness) and safety online.

Our buzz words are: CHOICE, CONSENT and CONFIDENCE.

All our volunteers are local professionals who give their time for free out of a shared passion for our aims and objectives.

‘Don’t just take our word for it!’

Please see the testimonials from teachers and students who have participated in our workshops

Reset Academy

Esther Jones is an experienced teacher and mother of four children between the age of 10 and 18. She has a tireless passion for the mental health of young people and has designed this wonderful online course composed of ten bite sized videos and downloadable resources to build and improve on teen and pre-teen mental resilience. You Before Two followers have the special privilege of free access to this fantastic course out of Esther's shared support of our goals and her appreciation of the fact that many of the children who need her course most are from families unable to afford it. Thank you Esther!


Resource Hub

In an effort to help us all stop scrolling, which we know is bad for our mental health and an indicator of possible low self-esteem/anxiety, we have done some focussed scrolling for you! We have collated links to relevant local and national organisations, good videos, books and apps. Take a look!



The harm of mobile phones on particularly pre-teen and young teen girls is becoming more apparent each day, yet they are still permitted in many schools across the country.

Please sign our petition to remove mobile phones from the school day.


Being a charitable organisation we rely on donations. All of the money you donate goes towards the workshop resources, educating volunteers & the safe running of the charity.

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