Sex and the Planet

If this is a new topic to you, I will keep it brief. IF we carry on reproducing at the rate we are doing at the moment the planet will no longer be able to sustain us. This is an undeniable fact which we ignore at our peril.

Given that 272 million women across the world currently have no access to family planning and are having unplanned, unwanted pregnancies against their AND it is thought that 50% of babies born across the world are also unwanted or unplanned, then we have never been in a more important position to make change. Good access to family planning services and teaching young women what we mean by the planned wanted child is vital. At You Before Two this concept is interwoven with tact and care into our workshops.

We show our students this excellent short video produced by Population Matters.

And whilst on the subject of excellence, it brought me a lot of satisfaction proposing Professor John Guillebaud to appear on TED. I feel sure I was one of many who did so. I had had the privilege of seeing this presentation before it was filmed for TED and it completely blew me away.

See what you think to his talk Sex and the Planet!

Not only an academic, but a total sport too! Here he is sporting one of our bracelets (pre-covid!) at the Population Matters Conference 2019.

Help is at hand

We are a new charity with a growing team of volunteers, but at present we do not have the capacity to address individual issues you might have. However we have tried very hard within the resource hub to try and give you a list of 'useful websites' and organisations that are already out there to help you. Often it is just improving our education and reading about others who are in the same position that can help us feel much better, so please do take a look.

We always welcome feedback however on ways you feel we could serve you better so please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas using the form below.

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