Choice. The only path to change.

I have just been made aware of the brilliant Population Media Center. You want to be inspired, you watch this video. There are no words more meaningful than those spoken towards the end of this short video from Farellia Tahina of UNICEF, ‘you don’t tell them, do this, do that, they choose. They choose what is better to get a better life and create a life change for themselves.’

You want to do something? Sign the Population Matters Manifesto. One signature is one giant moonstep to educating ourselves and our youngsters.

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We are a new charity with a growing team of volunteers, but at present we do not have the capacity to address individual issues you might have. However we have tried very hard within the resource hub to try and give you a list of 'useful websites' and organisations that are already out there to help you. Often it is just improving our education and reading about others who are in the same position that can help us feel much better, so please do take a look.

We always welcome feedback however on ways you feel we could serve you better so please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas using the form below.

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