Happy International Women’s Day Everyone!! And I mean everyone.

This is the ‘equals sign’ that women are doing across the world to represent everything you would expect and hope from whatever form of wondrous feminism you believe in, be you man, woman or child.
We have been quiet these past weeks @youbeforetwo mainly because I woman the social media account and have been stunned into silence during my teenage mental health research, by the constantly reoccurring fact that social media is strongly implicated in most teenage mental illness complaints, including deliberate self harm and suicide. I think we all know this deep down, but the evidence is becoming overwhelming. Children do not NEED social media. Nor do they NEED to get used to it in order that they adapt to the ‘real world’ in adulthood . A complete adult propelled myth to make us all feel better about ourselves. We all know that children NEED friendship based on genuine relationships, not just insta likes. They need sleep, laughter, sport, mistakes, bucket loads of food and an unshockable adult with big flappy listening ears. If you don’t wish/choose to listen to me please look or listen to Simon Sinek who speaks of social media being the ‘alcohol to the alcoholic.’ Irrefutable, undeniable and increasingly compelling bodies of evidence. We must not negotiate over these devices. We must be the adult and remove them as needed to protect and provide relief to our precious brilliant children’s brains. Too precious. Too important.


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We are a new charity with a growing team of volunteers, but at present we do not have the capacity to address individual issues you might have. However we have tried very hard within the resource hub to try and give you a list of 'useful websites' and organisations that are already out there to help you. Often it is just improving our education and reading about others who are in the same position that can help us feel much better, so please do take a look.

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