It’s a wrap!!

It’s a wrap!

Our workshop pilot has come to an end and what an amazing start-up journey we have had.
Thank you so much to the 308 children (137 boys 171 girls) who have partaken in our Sexual Consent workshops across two public schools, three academies and one UTC. We have had a blast! So much energy and support for our new project that I don’t actually know where to start with the thank yous. But I would like to give a very special thank you to our amazing You Before Two team for all their hard work and devotion and to Kennedy Taylor – Camm for her support and belief at the very beginning of our pilot, and her ongoing support . And to Population Matters our main start up sponsor. ( Not forgetting important funding from the fabulous @worksopcharities). We have heaps of lovely pictures, but many cannot be shared in this domain due to the understandable GDPR and school restrictions, but here are some of the 122 wonderful comments that the children and staff have given us:

‘Very well executed and very experienced.’
‘Fabulous session!’
‘An emotional, positive and brilliant session.’
‘It was very fun. I learnt a lot of new stuff.’
‘We were very loud and we liked the sweets!’

We asked ALL the children to tell us what subjects they would like us to come back with in the next academic year. The two subjects that came up most were:
Relationships: 47.8%
Mental Health: 44%

We welcome any and all donations to our entirely charitable organisation ‘You Before Two.’

New Beginnings!

To our children, please do not forget:



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