Mental Health in Bassetlaw: Our poster and key rings are now available!

Within the North Nottinghamshire area there is a wide range of help available for anyone who needs support. However, it is not always easy to know who is out there and how to find them, especially when it comes to children and young people.

You Before Two and the Bassetlaw Place Based Partnership (BPBP) have teamed up to design and produce posters and key rings as a quick and easy way to locate different organisations, locally and nationally that can be accessed for support. The money for this project was secured through a successful grant application to the Bassetlaw CCG Small Grants Scheme to ‘Support Men’s Mental Health- Suicide Prevention.’ (NB: Our posters are for all ages and genders).

Asking for help can be one of the hardest steps, especially as a young person, so we have put together this poster that can be downloaded and printed off and also links to the QR code on key rings that are being given out for free in local secondary schools.

You may need support on sexual health, mental health, eating disorders, bereavement, suicide, self-harming, homelessness or just need someone to talk to.

Everything is covered here! However, if you still do not know where to start, please contact your local GP or speak to a trusted adult.

If there are any more contacts that you would like to be added to this contacts poster in the next issue, please contact us at

To download a PDF copy of this poster, please click here.

Help is at hand

We are a new charity with a growing team of volunteers, but at present we do not have the capacity to address individual issues you might have. However we have tried very hard within the resource hub to try and give you a list of 'useful websites' and organisations that are already out there to help you. Often it is just improving our education and reading about others who are in the same position that can help us feel much better, so please do take a look.

We always welcome feedback however on ways you feel we could serve you better so please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas using the form below.

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