Population Matters- Empower to Plan

This was a special day for us! The Population Matters Annual Conference. And there at the entrance was a billboard of two teenage girls holding hands wearing our bracelets!! This wonderful charity is something I’ve talked about before, at length! The Population Matters
‘Empower to Plan’ funding has helped us significantly in our start up, allowing us to afford good educational resources and the freedom to make this journey our own. It somehow brought it all home to me that day to see that billboard. All puffed up and proud was how I felt as I took my seat in that auditorium.

An inspirational day of bold brilliant women like Dr Edu Effiom, Director of Biodiversity at Nigeria’s Cross River State Forestry Commission or Dr Winnie Kiiru of the Elephant Protection Initiative.

I was also introduced to the dynamic Philip Lymbery CEO of the charity Compassion in World Farming, and to top it all off I got to finish my book ‘Moment of Lift’ by Melinda Gates on the way home, cradling a large cup of tea feeling drunk on inspiration and awe.

Happy Days!!

This picture is of me and Professor John Guillebaud on the day (also in one of our bracelets!)-
another rather legendary individual!


Help is at hand

We are a new charity with a growing team of volunteers, but at present we do not have the capacity to address individual issues you might have. However we have tried very hard within the resource hub to try and give you a list of 'useful websites' and organisations that are already out there to help you. Often it is just improving our education and reading about others who are in the same position that can help us feel much better, so please do take a look.

We always welcome feedback however on ways you feel we could serve you better so please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas using the form below.

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