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We can always be more savvy with the internet. We need to be alert to the harm it is doing our youngsters. And a message to the young from us:

Do not be fooled that we learn to use the internet and social media in moderation if we are ‘left to learn’ and given devices without limits. We are all addicted. You only need to look at Facebook and see the teams of adults endlessly oversharing elements of their lives, to see that just becoming an adult does not prevent us from harm from these devices.

These devices are directly implicated in hazardous situations which are entirely avoidable if we put the phone down. For example, a sext can only happen with a phone or device. And whilst we’re on sexting, did you know it is illegal to send or receive a sext under the age of 18? Do you know what a sext is? Please contact us to book in for our sexual consent workshop where we cover sexting and much more.



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We invite you, where possible, to buy your books on sites such as Hive, an online bookstore that supports independent bookshops with every sale made in a united effort to save our highstreets


Here we have listed some helpful websites that may be able to answer questions you have around the internet. Take a look but if you still have questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we are here to listen to you and help you in any way we can.

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We also worry about phones and social media use, so tell us how much of an issue it is for you!


The harm of mobile phones on particularly pre-teen and young teen girls is becoming more apparent each day, yet they are still permitted in many schools across the country.

Please sign our petition to remove mobile phones from the school day.


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