‘We are not robots’

I find myself saying this rather a lot in our workshops when children ask us ‘what if I forget?’ Or, ‘what if I make a mistake or say the wrong thing?’

Us human beings are rather messy sometimes in our reactions to situations. We are of course immaculate when these situations are viewed in retrospect. No matter how much we practice or formulate or prepare, sometimes things just don’t go how we’d hoped. Online teaching and instagram live have never taught me that lesson more effectively than they did last week. Neither are for the faint hearted! That tiny window of interaction created by our webcams of various specs, only partially re-creates human interaction, which science has shown is almost 70% non-verbal. All the cyber head nodding in the world cannot recompense the absence of all those nuanced full body in real room interactions, that we have taken for granted up until now.

Kids are quite relaxed in looking unutterably bored on line. Us adults are a tad more self-conscious and my ‘zoom face’ is now so unrecognisable from a face I would use in real life, that I sometimes shock myself. I lie, I always shock myself. It is not a situation I would choose, especially after an extended period away from the hairdresser or beautician. But heh, we are where we are and I’m rather impressed at how we’ve all unleashed our inner robot, and can anticipate the slightest twitch in our wifi routers when they are just building up to crashing out. And for the first time, I think I understand the pop-ups on my computer. (Yes, it’s true, I now understand about 30% of the pop-ups!!!).

I do feel enriched with a new skill. But mainly I feel enlightened with even more love and respect for the actual teachers and pupils, who have tirelessly surfed this universe for the past term without so much as a mild strop (not one we’ve witnessed anyway). RESPECT!

Performing six online workshops last week has been a ball and our feedback has not been half bad either:

‘I’ve learnt to respect and listen to what people say and if they don’t want to do something, don’t force them to do it’ (I did a little dance when I saw this one…)

‘I learnt things I thought I already knew about’

‘I thought it was really interesting and very fun!’

Our first insta-live ‘talking with experts’ session last Thursday night was pretty fab too. Thank you so much Dr Georgina Fraser, @gynaechatter. We have got this period stuff nailed and will no longer be going for the naked look with the bikini waxing! (Not good at all for vulvo-vaginal health and hygiene).

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask us on instagram @youbeforetwo or Georgina herself @gynaechatter.

Let’s all try to stay human in this new inescapably techno-world. Nothing quite beats a chat in person, but on we go. Must. Keep. Going.


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